Move Across the Region 2020

Thank you for participating in the program. Before providing your name and weekly mileage for Week 5, please fill out this survey to help us evaluate our educational efforts. 
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Did Move Around the Region help you: 
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Increase Physical Activity
Get at least 150 minutes of physical activity most weeks
Regularly do strength training
Better manage chronic health conditions
Better help others manage chronic conditions
Improve your overall health
Improve your flexibility
Improve your balance
Increase confidence for preventing falls
Improved control of arthritis symptoms
Does Not Apply
Be better able to improve daily activities
Improve joint mobility
Walk more safely & comfortably
Reduce Stiffness
Read food labels
Make healthier food decisions
Use exercise to reduce pain
Decrease pain
Use positive thinking techniques
Have more energy
Does Not Apply
Plan meals
Prepare healthy meals
Store leftover food safely
Cook food to safe temperatures
Wash hands and utensils when handling meat and poultry 
Read medicine and cleaning supply labels before using them
Learn to contact Poison Control Center in case of a suspected poisoning.
Plan to continue exercising
Did you lose weight?
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